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Welcome to the Skull and Beard Society

Welcome to the Skull and Beard Society

We are the Skull and Beard Society. A group of men that call each other Brothers. Some of us have wives that participate as Guardians.

Officers of the 33 run the Brotherhood and we’ve recently added Sergeants and Captains as ranks. We’re growing stronger and stronger with expansion into Chapters.

SBS makes a positive difference in the lives of men and women by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth, family and career success through encouragement.

  1. Develops competent and assertive leadership.
  2. Increases awareness of the global importance of community contribution to our well being.
  3. Strengthens the confidence of members in themselves and their work.
  4. Promotes the intelligent choice and establishment of careers.
  5. Encourages achievement in experience programs.
  6. Encourages wise management of economic, environmental and human resources of the community.
  7. Develops interpersonal skills in teamwork, communications, human relations and social interaction.
  8. Builds character and promotes citizenship, volunteerism and patriotism.
  9. Promotes cooperation and cooperative attitudes among all people.
  10. Promotes healthy lifestyles.
  11. Encourages excellence in maintaining member and family relationships.

As Brethren of the Skull and Beard we follow practices that must resound respect for each and every member:

1.) You must join / participate of your own free will. Being added to our Facebook Group Page does not mean you’ve joined our Brotherhood. We leave it to you to make that commitment at a level for which you feel comfortable.

2.) Family comes first.

3.) Women amongst us are to be treated with respect. The same respect you would afford your Mother, Wife or Daughter. They may not be Brothers of the Skull and Beard Society but they are welcome to participate as our Sisters.

4.) Do not disturb the peace of the Brotherhood with petty disagreements. Should you feel uncomfortable with a situation, be diplomatic. Private message the Brother or one of the 33 Officers if you feel the need to escalate. But please do so after taking time away to reflect on the positions of all parties.

5.) No advertising within the pages of our house. Ask one of the 33 Officers for permission prior to doing so. Certainly fair to comment with your experiences relating to product or services.

6.) No posting links to ANYTHING (Eateries, Concerts, Recommendations – NOTHING) . We don’t have the time to review content that you’re linking members to. Your post will be removed and you may be MUTED within the group for 24hrs.

7.) No product pictures, discount codes and no product pushing (suggestions when not asked or recommending too often). No matter if you’re trying to help a Brother or not, we’re not a sales group. Kind suggestion by posting a comment is certainly welcome.  Sadly people make sly efforts to push products and we’re too busy to decide who’s helping sell a product and who’s actually helping people. Do any of these things and you may be MUTED for 24hrs or removed and BLOCKED from the Brotherhood.

8.) Do not post personal videos unless approved by an Officer. They will be removed and you may be muted for 24hrs.

9.) We believe in honor.
10.) We believe in decency.
11.) We believe in responsibility.
12.) We believe in charity.
13.) We believe in good will.
14.) We seek to inspire.
15.) We seek to translate convictions and principles into action.
16.) We do not promote one religion over another. We use moral code.
17.) Secret Code: SBS4L

Please read the FAQ

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1. Ryan S. P. Reid –  Global President
2. Mark Burgess – Global Vice President
3. Steve West – Global VP Development
4. Dave Fisher
5. Mike Chambley
6. Tom Shute – Global Secretary


Our Council would appreciate hearing from you on any matter of importance or with any feedback you can provide. Contact us directly at:

Visit our Group Page @