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How to Become an Officer of Global Chapter

It’s not an easy process nor is there an application to be submitted.

1.) Be active in visible in the group for a consistently long time.

2.) Be supportive. Be helpful.

3.) Participate outside of FB – complete a #SBSRAK

4.) Be a member in good standing for a duration of time.

5.) An Officer must nominate you.

6.) Each Officer group reviews your nomination based on different criteria.

7.) Global Officers vote on your admittance.

8.) You’re presented with an option to accept a seat.

9.) You will complete a video recorded Oath to our Brotherhood.

10.) You will be introduced to the inner workings of SBS.

Officer Ranks

33 – Global Officers – Manage SBS Globally

General – Manage Specific Countries / Regions

Major – Manage Squads of Captains

Captains – Manages Squads of Sergeants

Sergeants – Manage FB Group

Active Guardians – Assist Officers