What do our members say?

Skull and Beard Society (SBS) promises to be a safe place, which is open to people from all over the world. We foster a sense of community and strike to remove toxic people very swiftly. Our goal is not a large number of members.

We are a support group. We are your friends. We will not accept abuse. No targeting of individuals. Our rules are simple yet not the norm. 

Here's what our members say SBS has done for them:

Darral: Given me a group of friends that TRULY understand the life of a man. A positive group of people to talk with and hang around and a viable reason to be with my brother Boog as much as possible.

Nico: Helped keep me positive when I didn't want to be.

Curtis: Gave me a feeling that not all is bad in the world. Before joining SBS, my news feed was riddled with bad energy. It's great to see so many out there helping and giving to their communities

Jason: Has been my rock when I needed helped up.

Rodney: Positivity, strength I never knew I had in myself, and most of all another family that I can help push forward and rely on in times of darkness!! Honestly one of the greatest things I have done in my life was joining this Brotherhood. I truly can't express everything you all have done for me!!! Much love and respect Family!!!! And thank you for all every single member does for us!!!!

Tom: This wonderful Brotherhood has introduced me to a wholly different world of gentlemen whose interests extend far beyond the beard, and who give me the daily inspiration to be positive in how I address the world. 

Jeffery: My life was and still is going through some major changes when I joined SBS. The positive vibe and feeling of community has helped me tremendously. It seems as the right words are always there to help push us forward.

Jay: Always there.

Steve: The SBS has cracked me out of my shell. It is now a bit easier for me to be around and meet new people. I've gained new family not just in the states but in other countries as well.

It has allowed me to travel thousands of miles with my family to make new lifelong memories with families we would have never had the opportunity to meet.

The SBS has helped build my confidence in the human race through random acts of kindness. This list can go on and on and on.

A shorter list would have been what has the SBS not done for me. That simple answer would be I can't think of anything it hasn't done for me.
I feel the SBS has 💯 genuine love, care and concern for me and my family.
Much love and respect to you all...

Patrick:  SBS introduced me to brothers I didn't know I had, but needed!!

Jessica: You guys have given me so much positivity and keep me going with all the positivity and love! I've personally went through some stuff (some my own husband doesnt know about) and reading the positive things on here that happen keeps me going!

Justin: SBS not only has quite literally saved my life on numerous occasions but it’s given me an outlet to feel better by making others smile. More so than that, I wouldn’t have half of my best friends if I never had joined this amazing family. I could actually go on and on but my point is this isn’t a Facebook group. It’s a family and that’s real. But you get out of it what you put in. When you sacrifice for SBS, SBS will sacrifice for you. I’ve felt it, I’ve seen it, I’ve lived it!

Terry: Help me keep moving forward every time I thought I was in my death bed. 10000 strong, unlimited power.