SBS Sanctioned Chats

Guidelines for SBS Sanctioned Chats - Updated April 14 2019

  1. 1.) Each SBS Sanctioned Chat must be established / approved by SBS Global and will have assigned Moderator(s) and/or Co-Moderator(s) as assigned by SBS Global.

  2. 2.) Rules of the SBS Sanctioned Chats distinctly mirror that of the main group:

    A. Links: No links are to be posted except for those linking to our Sponsor’s website (Bisson Combs / Hillman Reid / SBS) or for express use to discuss potential or agreed meeting locations for the purpose of conducting SBS meetings / SBS business matters.

    B. Banned Content: No pornography, adult images or sexually suggestive content is allowed. As we understand the tendency for gentleman to joke in such a nature, we must all realize that one of our tenets is to be family oriented.  We don’t want our wives, partners, children, co-workers etc, to happen across an open screen with inappropriate content. No conversations relating to religion or politics. No   jokes or comments of a demeaning nature towards race, gender, sexual orientation, or anything of a discriminatory nature is permitted.  This should be reported to either the President or Vice President.

    C. Videos: Only post videos that conform to our group policy within chat. Nothing with loud noises that may draw attention from others if being played out loud in public space. Family friendly only, even though these are closed chats. 

    D. Advertising: No advertising or conducting sales-oriented business in chat.

    E. Donations: No requests should be posted for donations of a monetary nature or advertising events geared towards a particular charity or cause. SBS has a strict policy that we only support a registered charities conforming to specific lawful standards and this must be approved by SBS Global.

    F. Contact Information: Although it is not forbidden, we suggest information of a personal nature be kept to private messages.

    G. Questions: Chat Moderators are free to contact Officers regarding instances they feel require action in order to maintain our upstanding guidelines. If the occurrence is infrequent and isolated to one member, a better course of action will be to address the concern in private.  However, if it seems that members are following the same violation, a general announcement on the chat may be needed and/or warranted.

  3. 3.) Removal of Members from Chat: Before any such actions are taken, Moderators should address the person in private chat and try to resolve or diffuse the situation that is causing concern. If the violation is in clear contradiction of the Society’s standards, please take a screenshot of the infraction and contact an Officer for further instruction.  All removals need the approval of the President before such actions are taken but please ensure urgent matters are reported immediately. 

  4. 4.) Support: Continue to build-up the chat with daily messages if possible. Please keep an eye on messages when available and acknowledge birthdays, deaths, births, weddings, or accomplishments which will warrant an appropriate response in chat. If the Moderators choose, they may want to go a step further and make a post on the SBS page regarding life events noted in Chat.

  5. 5.) Addition of Members to Hopeful Chats: Moderators may add Members who they have personally evaluated to become a contributing Member for the establishment and growth of their Hopeful Chapter. Discussion of any reservations is always welcomed by the President or Vice President.  With that said, the President does retain the power to remove or add at his discretion.  Assistance with any particular question can be obtained through “@ tagging” or private messaging.

  6. 6.) Disagreements: It is not unusual for disagreements to occur; it is how we decide to solve them that determine true form in resolution.  Arguments should not continue for long within chat. Once determined obstacles form, these sorts of conversations should cease within chat immediately. If Moderators can foresee discussion heading in the wrong direction, we ask that you diffuse the situation.  Whether with each other, or any Global Officer, any argument or disagreement should not be take place in chat.  Rather this should be done in a private message.  This helps to keep the peace, retain respect, and not taint overall public opinion to one side or the other. 

  7. 7.) Global Presidential Authority: As mentioned in rule number 5, the Global President does retain the ultimate authority and decision with regards to chat conduct, rules, and overall operations.  Any of the aforementioned rules can be altered, changed, or modified in whole or part at the discretion of the President.