SBS Points

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Our SBS Points are EASY to earn! Here's how it works. 

Earning Rules

Earning Type Points Value
Twitter Follow 100 SBS Points
Twitter Share 50 SBS Points
Facebook Like 100 SBS Points
Facebook Share 50 SBS Points
Instagram Follow 100 SBS Points
Non-Subscription Order 10 SBS Point for every $1 spent
Celebrate a birthday 200 SBS Points
Signup 200 SBS Points


Spending Rules

Reward Type Points Required
$5 off discount 500 Points
$10 off discount 1000 Points
Free Shipping Discount 2000 Points
Free SBS T-Shirt 2500 Points
Free Beard Comb 3000 Points
$35 off discount 3250 Points
$60 Off Discount 5000 Points